Interesting Facts About the Food We Believe In

Todays food industry has taken over the world, selling us everything and anything to gain serious profits, not necessarily considering the impact on the human health and wellbeing whilst doing it. Unfortunately for a lot of food industry companies the priority has become financial rewards instead of the health and wellbeing of their customers through proper nutritional benefits and transparency of their products. We want to touch upon few points to highlight the issues and make you question your decisions when purchasing certain  foods, even though the label on the product looks fantastic and it has a big bright messages of NO SUGAR, FAT FREE, LOW FAT and the list can go on.

None the less whilst having all of your attention with the attractive colors and bold messages, we suggest you don’t just believe in everything you see and read on the packaging. In a lot of the cases these products haven’t gone through proper FDA or other kind of approval systems and still end up in the store shelves without any prior tests to really re-assure the consumers that this product is of good quality and 100% of its content is exactly that what is described on the label or the packaging.

The big players in the industry of meat, dairy, eggs, and packaged greens are also not all that safe but somehow nobody is really paying attention to some of the troubling news over the past few years. There has been many big food recall stories, that has caused harm to consumers and ruined lives irreversibly. Just to mention few: E-coli beef , Salmonella pasteurized milk, billion of eggs and packaged greens like spinach. The problem truly lies in lack of food safety enforcement laws and in the lack of inspections that takes place to ensure consumer safety and wellbeing.

We suggest you do your research and know what works well for your body, so you can make wise decisions and be selective with your food choices to remain healthy and happy throughout your life.

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