Arctic Storm Sports Bra – Cross Back, High Impact, Black White


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With a perfect balance of style, comfort and performance, Arctic Storm Sports Bra features a cross back and fashion forward contrast panel detailing. With the same timeless style and impeccable fit, our Arctic Storm sports bra comes with removable pads that create a slimming effect and structural support if necessary.

  • Cross back style
  • High impact and maximum support
  • Fashion forward
  • Arctic Storm Sports Bra – Full coverage
  • Machine wash cold, inside out with like colors: No bleach: Tumble dry low
  • Arctic Storm Sports Bra :Fabric material 73% polyester, 27% spandex.
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A high-quality sports bra is a woman’s best friend. When we workout or exercise, we are basically going into battle and every battle needs the right weapons. In this case, the outfit you wear during your workouts is your weapon. The right workout outfit can either make or break your whole routine while exercising. No one wants to see their ‘girls’ bouncing around as they attempt to do a burpee or when they go for running. The right kind of support is always important.

That is where our sports bras come into the picture. Made with high-quality premium material, our sports bras will keep everything in the right place while you exercise. Whether you are a yoga enthusiast or a CrossFit fanatic, our sports bras will make all of your activities easier for you.

Moreover, our sports bras are not only made with superior quality materials, they also have adequate padding for maximum support. Plus, the fabric we use for our sports bras is extremely soft and moisture-wicking. This means that you can have an intense workout session and not worry about sweat drenching your clothes.

When it comes to gym wear clothing for women, we understand that your workout outfit needs to make a statement, and fashion is just as important. When you look good in your workout clothes, it motivates you to give it your all during your exercise sessions. That is why, we made sure that our sports bras were the epitome of both function and fashion. From pastel pinks to azure blue, we incorporated attractive color schemes into our sports bras so you have a variety of options to choose from depending on what you like. Also, we haven’t forgotten about the basic white, black, and gray apparel, which is what some individuals prefer when it comes to workout clothing.

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