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Let’s be transparent and discuss todays activewear industry as it has taken the world by storm, with countless of new brands entering the market all over the world, joining the big players in this sphere trying to reap the booming rewards of sportswear and activewear industry, especially so in the Women’s Activewear Online niche.

And why not, we should ask?!

Our society has become more conscious about their lifestyle choices and exercise has become an important part in our every day lives. We want to feel good as well as look good and what else would give you such a flow of energy if not your favorite activity. Be it in the gym, outdoors, yoga class or simply jogging on the streets of your home town. At some point most of us have opened up one of the search engines in searched for women’s activewear online to find the brand that ticks our individual boxes for what we are looking for in terms of comfort, style and probably even brand itself.

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In this article, we want to discuss a new exclusive Women’s Activewear Online brand that has recently launched in the UAE, one of the most vibrant cities of Dubai. The founder of the brand is a passionate female, an expat from Europe that has been living in the country for over a decade. In her nature, she is truly passionate about active lifestyle as she is fully engaged in numerous activities that are available in Dubai, be it cycling in the desert, kite surfing on the beautiful kite beach or simply enjoying mindful yoga sessions within the community. With this inner love and passion in mind she set herself to create a female focused lifestyle brand.

Women’s Activewear Online

Womens Activewear Online

The brand has a personal and sensitive message, a message of empowerment and support. Freedom and contentment is the core driver of the founders mindset and IK Lifestyle as a brand. As a female herself, who decided to quit her corporate job after lack of fulfillment, she followed her inner voice and through that journey she  encourages women to have no limits on their capabilites.

The begging of IK Lifestyle women’s activewear online has been a journey of constantly overcoming obstacles but nonetheless with perseverance and determinism the rewards are visible. Life’s freedom and joy instead of expectations and norms that have been set upon you.

For this reason, we think the brand is certainly worth mentioning as it has a real presence and will be welcomed addition to the existing activewear brands in UAE and Dubai. Offering small and select presence of women’s activewear online with vibrant colors, styles and designs.

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