Adventurous + Free Spirited

In 2018 we were set to create a distinctive activewear brand and aspired to become an essential part of your motivations to lead your active lifestyle.

In our core we aim to inspire & empower women from all walks of life, evoking inner feeling of freedom, balance of life and truly purposeful living. With our small beginnings we are humbly hoping to make big differences.


We, truly believe that fitness is no longer a trend but a lifestyle choice, which inspired us to create an activewear that is unique in the making & strongly reflects our values and beliefs. Fun loving, hardworking, real women who love the outdoors.

Founder | Creative Director


Our collection consists of high quality, supple activewear and swimwear that offers unbeatable functionality and performance, with colors and styles that are fresh, vibrant and original.

We strive for mindful consumption, thus we are producing activewear that is made to last with limited product editions of each design to remain vigilant and conscious of the big brand consumer world issues.

Each item of our contemporary yet original designs are designed exclusively by the founder of the brand (a passionate water sports & activities enthusiast) offering versatile and unique styles, that provides you with select activewear and swimwear to enhance your female form during your favorite activity.



Founded on the belief of possibility, our mission is to inspire you to have no limits and to encourage you to live the life of your vision, mission & dream. Be the change you want to see in others.